About the Blog

If you are here reading this, I just want to say THANK YOU! However, if you are on this page you are probably wanting a little bit more information about my blog, Creatively Bookish!

The main thing you need to know is: This is a creative space! 

I have been blogging for years, but all my posts has been book related. Which means, book reviews, upcoming posts, cover reveals, and other bookish content. Creatively Bookish is going to be slightly different.

Do you mean there will be no bookish content?  NO! Books are still a big part of my life, and I plan to continue to blog about all my book love. Actually, I plan to do MORE posts on books and bookish content!

Then how will the blog be different than before? As I mentioned above, books are important to me, but they are not the only part of my life I enjoy. This blog is going to be a space I can expand my creative world and hopefully find others that could enjoy my work or find a like minded soul to talk to about different topics.

Creatively Bookish is my small part of the internet that I can express many aspects of my life. There will be content dealing with Photography, Art, Books, Writing, and Life. Discussions and random topics that cover a large range of areas are going to be posted a lot more!

I really hope you enjoy what you might find on this blog, and if you do please let me know! Hearing from a reader would make my day!

Enjoy reading and I hope you find yourself lost between the pages of a good book!


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