The last couple of years have been a bit of a slow reading time for me. Since deciding to pick blogging back up and reading a good bit more I thought about joining several readathons I have seen going around Twitter, but I never could talk myself into committing to them. The amount of books I would have to read to complete the challenges sort of overwhelmed me, so I kept looking and had hope I would find one that could work, and now I have!

For the past year I have been helping plan my first ever trip to Disney World with my husband and a few friends. Disney has been on my brain a lot this year and the closer it gets to September the more excited and Disney minded I have been getting. When I saw a readathon based on Disney movies and taking place in August I just knew this was the perfect readathon to take part in!

What is Disney-a-thon? This is going to be a Disney based readathon! Pick a team based on 1 of 4 Disney movies and complete your teams prompts and continue through the map to gain points for your team.
When does this Readathon take place? This Readathon takes place August 1-31st. If you want to participate you must pick a team and have a set TBR before August 1st.
What are the 4 Groups?
~ Team Tangled led by @natureofpages
~ Team Aladdin led by @izcurrentlyread
~ Team Mulan led by @celebrityreadsh
~ Team Lion King led by @TheFrancisconMP

If you go to the Twitter account for the Readathon, they do have more info, as well as the prompts for each group. There is also a quiz to help you pick what team you might want to join if you are having a hard time picking!

Now that the basic information for the Disney Readathon has been taken care of… LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!


I had a little fun and took the quiz and received the results for Mulan, and that was the group I wanted to pick anyway so I officially joined Team Mulan for this Readathon!

Here is the prompts for my team in which I will have to complete before moving on to the next world on the map.


Picking a TBR at any time for myself is always difficult. I tend to be a mood reader, so even though I pick a list of books to read I tend to switch them as I go, unfortunately this TBR will have to be fixed, so I tried to pick books that I will enjoy.



Fa Mulan: (Powerful Female Lead) Reflection by Elizabeth Lim.
Finding a book with a powerful female lead really wasn’t that hard considering how many books features strong females! Picking one of these amazing books was the hard part, but I thought I would start this Readathon off by reading a book starring Mulan!


Li Shang: (Features a Squad) The Two Towers (LoTR #2) by J. R. R. Tolken
Squads are a little harder to find. Harry Potter was the first book that popped into my head, but I decided I wanted something new. I’ve been meaning to get to this book for some time but always put it off. But what could be a better squad book to read?


The Matchmaker: (YA Romance) Geekerella by Ashley Poston
With all the romances that fill most of YA books I had plenty of options for this prompt. Looking at my shelves I decided to pick a Disney Princess theme book, which I figured worked perfectly for this Readathon!


Shan Yu (Over 500 Pages) Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor
I was getting a little frustrated looking for this book. Most books I looked at only had 400 something pages and stopped just shy of 500. But then I found 2 books. Strange the Dreamer and Discovery of Witches. I’ve been wanting to read both, but decided to pick this one so I could take my time with DoW.


Mushu: (Group Book) Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim
Looking at the threads on the Twitter account I noticed they had an option for the group book, but sadly my library didn’t currently have Circe in so I”m sticking with the original choice.

So that wraps up my set TBR for this Readathon! I hope I get through all these and get to move into the next world, but we shall see. Here is a look at the map if anyone is interested:


Thanks to Team Mulan’s special character ability, I get to start a few days early! Thank you Cri-kee!!!


Have you read any of the books on my TBR? Did you like them?

If you are wanting to join this readathon or already in it, let me know what team you are on!

Looking forward to talking with you all again soon, but until then stay bookish!

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