A Little Update


I would like to start with an a small apology. When I started blogging again in January I truly meant to be more organized and stay on a bit of a schedule when it came to blogging. There was so much I wanted to post and discuss, but unfortunately life has a funny habit of getting away from me at times.

Back in March I wrote another post similar to this one, explaining a short absence. I had all the best intentions to pick up a regular blogging schedule In April, but as you can tell, that did not exactly happen.

Thankfully, I had a small bit of time during a work trip to do a little thinking and planning and I’m happy to report that the blogging will pick back up soon! I have some post ideas written out and look forward to finally sitting down and typing them up for y’all to read. There will be a few book reviews, TV thoughts, gaming posts, and general discussions.

On the creative side of my blog, I have a couple of fun posts I look forward to creating that shows a bit of photography and art! I’m still working on getting the content together for that so it may be a bit longer before I post those but I’m really excited to share them!

I hope everyone is having a great summer and I look forward to posting again soon! Until then continue reading and stay creative and bookish!


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