Movie Thoughts ~ US ~

Trying to figure out something to do in town on our anniversary, my husband and I decided that the classic movie and dinner would be a good way to go. We could have watched a couple of things but we decided to do something that was a bit out of the normal for us, so we picked a horror movie. This may not be the typical date night movie, but I can say we both enjoyed the movie more than we thought going in.

Now, let’s chat about the movie! 


Title: Us
 Rated: R
Time: 1H, 56 min
Release: March, 2019
Genre: Horror, Thriller
My Rating: 8/10

*I would like to make a quick note before I continue to write my thoughts about this movie. While I don’t plan to give any of the major points away, if you are wanting to go into this movie with no knowledge about the story, be cautious of minor SPOILERS in this post!*

When it comes to horror movies, I tend to be very critical of the story and find it better for me to just stay away. The jump scares and gore that usually make up “horror” movies are not what I enjoy seeing. I want the type of movie that gives that creepy cold chill down your spine while you watch the movie play out. A story that stays with you even after you leave the theater and don’t mean to think about it. I have not found many horror movies that make me feel this way. But that is where this story is a bit odd for me.

If you look at the category for this film, horror is one of the first genres that pop up. This gives me the idea that I’m in for a ride full of scares and things that will make me afraid to go in a room without the lights on. Us is a bit different. Although there is a feeling of unease while watching, I’m not sure I would consider Us a true horror movie. Suspenseful and creepy is more of the tone to this one. I think this is one of the big reasons I ended up enjoying the movie as much as I did. There honestly wasn’t that many moments that made me jump out of my seat, but once the movie starts you never truly get a feeling that everything is ok. There is always this element that at any moment something is going to turn sour, and most of the time it does.

One of the things I always enjoy is when a person can use symbolism to help express points in a story, sometimes to the extent that it would only make sense once you know everything. Us does a decent job with symbolism. I won’t give any details just incase that would spoil the mystery and enjoyment for those that intend to watch the movie at a later date. This is definitely a movie that would be fun to watch more than once just to pick up small details that point to plot elements. There are some basic symbolism that is easy to catch during the first watch through, but there are small details, such as items placed around the room in certain shots, that help foreshadow or give a nod to what is happening in the story. The cleverness of some of the smaller symbols is what I enjoy. There are some that don’t just jump out with a sign pointing to them, but if you know what to look for it is something that can be picked up on.

The pacing for the movie was decent. There are a few moments that tend to happen a little quickly, but overall everything flows smoothly from scene to scene. The music that is used to set the atmosphere was nicely added and while I might not think there was any one stand out track from the movie, the music did a great job accompanying the scenes, especially some that were meant to give a more intense feel.

One of the best parts of this movie is the extremely good job the actors did with their split parts. Each actor had to play two versions of their selves and in my opinion they did a very good job. Each character has a distinct personality, and although you can tell the same actor is playing both parts, they did a great job making sure it’s easy to tell the differences without anyone even having to say anything. I always love seeing when an actor can make two roles completely their own without feeling like a copy, and this movie knocked that out of the park.

While I did enjoy the movie, I did find myself a little disappointed at the end. Everything ends on an ok note for me, but there were some questions I had about the plot that never were addressed in the movie or just left opened with no real answers to help tie things together. With this type of story an open ended ending is not necessarily a bad choice, but I feel like there were just a few more answers we needed to really make the ending satisfying.

Now, I want to discuss a couple of points that would be MAJOR SPOILERS for the movie, so I just wanted to make sure you know to stop reading here if you don’t want to know main plot points or information about the ending. 

Some of my issues with the movie is unanswered questions. If you have seen the movie you probably know what I mean. While the story does a decent job giving information for the viewer to understand what is happening and why, there are so many things that are just left opened.

How did the switch with our MC tethered stick? If the tethered is controlled by the person on the surface, is it location that gives them more control? Is it something about the original person that makes them able to control the tethered? Why couldn’t Red switch back and go back to the surface long before she did? Why did the son find a way to control his tethered during the fire scene, yet he didn’t seem to have control any other time? I know some of this can be explained, but the problem for me is that we don’t get a clear answer.

If there were all those tethered down there living their lives for an experiment, what happened to the people in charge? Why did they get left alone for all those years? How did none of the others ever venture out from the tunnels long before the revolution? If they couldn’t break the control, how were they able to get all the way to the surface and attack their originals without problems?

They all have matching red jump suits, gold scissors, and a glove. How did so many tethered get the exact same clothes and items? I know this may not be a major plot point, but I am just really curious how that many people could get everything they needed.

While some of these questions really don’t make a difference to my enjoyment of the movie, not knowing some answers leaves me a little disgusted that I don’t have an explanation. I do enjoy movies that give you just enough to know things and lets the viewer decide how things turn out for themselves, but this one needed a little more information.

And another problem I had was a choice on when information was given. Before the movie even started a quote about unused tunnels appears on the screen. It didn’t take very long for me to whisper to my husband, “They are coming from the tunnels under the ground.” Bam, I was right. I’m not a story teller, and I know nothing about movies…but I personally would have waited to give that information later. By showing that quote at the beginning it helps people put the puzzle together a little too quickly. Now imagine you just seen this movie about everyone having a tethered. This group of evil clones are coming and killing people so they can have their moment in the sun. We have just watched several scenes that shows just what this clone could do. Right after we see all of this information and creepy scenario play out and getting ready to leave, a quote about all these unused tunnels appears on the screen. Now, that would send shivers down my back a lot more than foreshadowing and telling me how they are doing something at the beginning.


Anyway, that is my thoughts on the movie Us! Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think of it? If you haven’t seen the movie yet, are you planning on seeing it?

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you and I’ll see you next time…



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