Movie Thoughts ~ Captain Marvel ~

Because of my busy schedule my plan to have this blog post up a couple of days after watching the movie didn’t quite go to plan, but that is ok. Thanks to a later posting date I have actually had the opportunity to see the movie twice and that has helped me really get my thoughts together to write this post! With all that being said, let’s chat about the movie!  


Title: Captain Marvel
Rated: PG-13
Time: 2h 3min
Release: March, 2019
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
My Rating: 7.5 /10

~If you are not sure what this movie is about, or you need a little more info such as summary or cast list I will provide a link here to the movie’s IMDb page for more information.~

When it comes to comic book movies or tv shows, I must admit I have very little knowledge on the subject. I never really read many comics when I was younger, and my older brother I lived with growing up never read them either. So my real introduction into the mainstream Marvel and DC world would have to start with the movies such as the old Superman movies or Dark Knight with Batman. Then I watched Iron Man. Like many others, that movie sparked my love for the Marvel cinematic world. Waiting to see which movie will come out next to introduce me to a new hero and villain I knew little about has become something I have enjoyed for the past few years. Thankfully I have a few friends that do read comics and help fill me in on some of the more important need-to-know information for upcoming movies or character information. (Just a tip: If you can find a friend with comic knowledge, this will help a lot while trying to watch all these movies! They can fill in a lot of information the movies don’t give you!) Each time I feel I have found a favorite Marvel movie, a new movie comes out and I have to reevaluate my list.

After seeing Captain Marvel twice in theaters and having time to really think about it and talk with people, I hate to admit that this movie didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Now, that’s not to say I hated the movie or disliked it, because I thought it was a decent movie…it just didn’t reach the bar I felt was set by most of the movies before it. Captain Marvel had a lot of expectations and while it did hit and reach some of them, I feel like the movie didn’t do as much as it could have.

I would like to explain my thoughts a little more, but while I don’t want to spoil too much of the movie, it will be hard to talk about most of it without giving some points away. So If you would like to know if I would recommend the movie, YES! If you haven’t watched it, I definitely feel that you should, and I know a lot of people have enjoyed it. While I found the movie not as enjoyable as I had wanted it to be, the friends I saw it with loved it and thought it was fantastic. Progression story wise, I’m not really sure if there was anything that just needed to be seen before seeing Endgame if you don’t have time or if you can only see one or the other. You may miss a bit of backstory, but overall Captain Marvel felt like a very story contained movie, so I would say if you skip it before seeing the next Avengers movie you won’t be too lost.

Now, if you read past this point there are potential SPOILERS for the movie, so I just wanted to warn you. 

Going into the movie I was excited about where the film would go considering this is Marvel’s answer to DC’s Wonder Woman, which I really enjoyed. Having a female lead that could pretty much kick butt and save the planet without really breaking a sweat seemed like a pretty good movie formula. However, after watching the movie twice I’m still not sure how I feel about Captain Marvel as a character. There were moments that she shined and I really liked her character, but there were other times I feel like the acting and story was trying too hard to show that a woman can be tough and better than a man. As a female I love seeing strong women on screen or in print, but there was just something about the way this movie handled the topic that felt a little too..in your face and obvious.

When it comes to Marvel movies, I have found that a certain story element that shows up usually helps decide how much I really enjoy the movie compared to the others. That element is when the main character has to hit his/her lowest point before they can truly rise up and be a decent hero. This is probably why three of my top Marvel movies is Iron man, Thor, and Doctor Strange. In each of these movies the “hero” was over confident or reckless because they knew they had skill or power. When they are faced with situations and people that knock them down to their lowest point and we see the growth of the character as they become the hero that we knew from the start they would be…that is my favorite type of movie! Captain Marvel didn’t have that feeling. I can see where it might have tried to give the idea of this plot point, but they didn’t get it right. We see glimpses of a past where she is told she can’t do things and she has to overcome all the people that try to get in her way, but the problem with glimpses is just that, they are a glimpse. We never really see how she was before these moments, during, or after. There is no time to actually care that she was picked on. As a viewer, sure I felt bad that these men were telling her she couldn’t do something but I didn’t quite get the emotional feelings I would have if we had spent more time on her past. When we see Captain Marvel, she is already powerful and doesn’t like to play by the rules. You can tell that even though she is trying to learn how to fight better, she can still get the job done. Later when she gets to Earth her friend tells her how amazing of a friend, aunt, and pilot she was. We never really see Captain Marvel as anything put strong and capable. Not once during this movie did I get the feeling that she was ever struggling to win a fight she was in. Sure, she had to chase a “bad guy” or take a few hits, but by the end nothing can touch her. I love seeing how strong she is, but I would have liked it better to see her, for a lack of a better word, earn that power. She never truly hits a low spot, and even when she seems surprised at the power she suddenly has when she releases the block on them, somehow she can use them perfectly. I think that is my biggest problem with the movie, they made Captain Marvel a little too perfect.

Most movies have a clear villain, and I like the twist this movie takes on who is truly “evil” and I think that helps set it apart from the other movies in Marvel’s lineup. The main focus seems to be getting Captain Marvel’s memories back, while she chases after the Skrulls that come to earth. I almost wish we could have seen a bit more of her life on Earth before she became Captain Marvel. Personally, a little background info would make me feel a little more connected to her character. The lead Skrull was a great addition to the movie though. Although Goose the cat seems to be everyone’s favorite character from the movie, I have to say while he is adorable I don’t think he would have been as good on his own. Most of Goose’s scenes that work so well are the ones where he interacts with the Lead Skrull or Fury. The chemistry between Fury and some of the other characters were most of my favorite scenes.

Going into the movie I was hoping a few questions I had would be answered, but sadly I think I left with a few more questions and less answers. The call back to things from the 90’s were a great addition to the movie. I know that some people thought the call outs were a little too much, but I almost wish they had a few more. The way they were slipped in almost seemed natural and it was a nice way to at least cause a small bit of humor.

Overall, I really did enjoy this movie. I have a few problems with how the story was handled but that didn’t keep this from being one of the better movies to me. Compared to some of the recent releases Marvel has had, this movie almost feels like an earlier origin story movie. Some of the action scenes were a bit dark and the lighting and camera choices were a bit weird, but most of the time everything looked decent. While it may not be one of my top Marvel movies, it is definitely one I could watch over multiple times and look forward to seeing more of Captain Marvel in future movies. Getting to see how she handles the events and people in Endgame is going to be interesting.


Have you seen Captain Marvel yet? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for joining me on my thoughts, and until next time…


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