Must Watch Fierce Females

Hello and welcome to my post for Fierce Females February!


Reading is something I spend a large chunk of my time doing, but I do have another activity that I enjoy just as much…watching TV. I love finding stories that I can get pulled into and see develop on screen compared to reading the words on the pages of a book. I love finding movies I can get hooked on for a few hours or a series that I get to look forward to every week. The simple act of getting lost in a great movie or tv show is equal to a getting lost in pages of an awesome book.

When I happened to come across a tweet from Ashley over at Falling Down The Book Hole about the idea she had for February being all about Fierce Females, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Trying to come up with an idea for a post took me a little time, but then I knew I wanted to celebrate my love of fierce women by showing some I found over the years on TV and in movies!

I hope you enjoy this post and look forward to seeing what you think!

Before I start listing any Fierce Females, I want to give a quick recap on what exactly makes a fierce female. To really understand Fierce Females, head over to Ashley’s post to see her explain the answer to that question! You can find the link here. If you want to check out the post later, here is a quick summary of what a fierce female is:


I know there is so much more to be said that would explain a fierce woman, but I really like this quote, and honestly I think it does a decent job summing it up.

Now, lets get to the main reason I’m making this post!

Top Must Watch Fierce Females:

*quick note, this list is based on women I have personally seen. If I left off anyone you feel should make this list please let me know. If I did not add them, it is possible I overlooked a woman while thinking who to add, or I have never seen the movie/TV show she is in.*

When thinking of Fierce Females I have seen in movies, a few ladies quickly popped in my head. They are the ones you probably just thought about when you read the title of this post. So with out much explaining or needed information, here are probably the ones everyone can think of. These ladies have made the list because they have fought along side men to save the world, taught us how strong women should be, take no crap from anyone, start or end revolutions, and pretty much make you cheer them on in whatever movie/show they are on.
~ Natalia Alianovna Romanova (Black Widow) You can see her in most Marvel movies.


~ Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) Pretty much the saving grace for DC movies in my opinion.


~ Any woman from Wakanda (Black Panther Movie) Trying to pick one of these ladies to add to this list would be impossible. They are all worthy of the title, so they get to join in a group for this pick!


~ Katniss Everdeen ( The Hunger Games Movies) Although she is a book character, she does have 4 movies and I felt she had the honor of making this list.


~ Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Movies) Like Katniss, I know Hermione is a book character, but she definitely deserves a spot on this list.


~ Ellen Ripley (Alien Films) Do I really need to say more?


Now, that is a great list of popular Fierce Females! Let’s get to some more that I can think of!
~ Katara and Toph (Avatar: The Last Airbender) I could add all the women from this series, but to help make it short, I decided to go with two of the MCs since we know the most about these two. Katara becomes one of the first female waterbending masters and Toph is one of the greatest benders in the world, and she makes it even better with the fact that she is blind.
~ Mulan and Merida (Disney) I could add pretty much any Disney Princess from the last few years to this list, but two that really stood out to me as someone I would call Fierce are Mulan and Merida. They both decided to fight for someone they love, and didn’t let the fact that being a woman stop them from being who they wanted to be.
~ Kim Possible (Disney: Kim Possible) Ok, so I had to reach from my childhood to find this one, but I felt she deserved a spot on the list. Kim is one of the first female characters I remember thinking was awesome because she was beautiful, popular, strong, smart and just all around awesome! Plus, she had the awesome phrase, you know the one 😉
~ Women of Game of Thrones (HBO Game of Thrones) If you have ever watched the show Game of Thrones, you probably already know how fierce the females in that show can be. There are such strong characters that are worth mentioning from that series, so I just grouped them all together.
~ Companions of the Doctor (Doctor Who) Although the 13th Doctor is one female lead that I could mention from the Doctor Who series, I believe the companions definitely need more of the honor. Amy Pond, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Clara, River Song, Martha..they are all fierce in their own way and I found these characters one of the main reasons I loved the show.
~ Firefly Ladies (Firefly) If you are looking for a fun space type of show, Firefly is a great show to watch! The leading females are all amazing and worth watching if only to see how awesome they can be! Don’t mess with River, Kaylee will fix any engine and keep you straight, Inara is just awesome, and my favorite is Zoe!
~ Eowyn (Lord of the Rings) Can your really discuss Fierce Females without mentioning this fantastic woman? She is amazing and I have always loved her character in the movies!
~ Emma Swan (Once Upon A Time) When your mother and father is Snow White and Prince Charming you already know you have a great destiny, but Emma Swan is such a fun character to watch in OUAT. She fights for her son, falls in love with captain Hook, and pretty sums up being a fierce female.
~ Emily Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) Let’s face it, all the Gilmore girls are pretty strong characters, but Emily is something more. She defends her family until the end and although she can come across as cold and uncaring you know she will do anything for the ones she loves. Seeing how she handled a few people, I sure wouldn’t won’t to cross her in the wrong way.

I know there are so many more characters that I could add to this list, but eventually you would get tired of reading. To get a little help making my list I asked twitter to give me a few suggestions! I wanted to add the answers!

Twitter Honorable Mentions:

~Dutch (Killjoys)
~Echo (Dollhouse)
~Star Butterfly (Star vs the Forces of Evil)
~Jupiter (Jupiter Ascending)
~Ladies of The Magicians (The Magicians)
~Dr. Cristina Yang and Dr. Miranda Bailey (Greys Anatomy)
~Rosa (B99)
~Penelope (One Day At A Time)
~Teresa Lisbon (The Mentalist)
~Audrey Parker (Haven)
~Peggy Carter (Agent Carter)
~Evie (The Mummy)
~Dr. Temperance Brennan (Bones)
~Emily Prentiss, JJ, Penelope Garcia ( Criminal Minds)
~Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)
~Claire and Bree (Outlander)
~Victoria (BBC Victoria)
~Queen Elizabeth (The Crown)
~Charlotte Grime (The Confessions of Charlotte Doyle)
~Clarke (The 100)
~Demelza (Poldark)
~Leslie Knope (Parks and Rec)
~Offred (The Handmaids Tale)
~Kat (The Bold Type)
~Princess Leia (Star Wars)
~Stella Gibson (The Fall)
~Lois Lane (Superman)
~Dr. Finn (The Orville)
~Sydney Bristow (Alias)
~Emiy (Revenge)
~Mary (Regin)
~Lagertha (Vikings)

Thank you so much for reading my posts! I hope you are enjoying Fierce Female February! Keep reading these fabulous posts from fellow bloggers continuing this month, as well as let me know if I didn’t list your favorite must watch fierce female!


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