Game Opinion ~Kingdom Hearts III~

Hello, and welcome to the first Game Opinion on my blog!

Now before we get to the main part of this post I want to make a little note about the wording I used. Reading is something I do A LOT. Doing a book review feels like something I might have a better grasp at, gaming…not so much. I enjoy playing games, and being married to a huge gamer I find myself spending more time with video games than I thought I would. However, I don’t feel like I know enough about games to actually do justice in a review. So, to have a little fun I have decided that the games I do play, I will post more of my opinion on them than an actual review. Basically, this will be posts I get to flail and fangirl over things I like, and enjoy complaining about things that didn’t really interest me. With that being noted, let’s get to it!

Growing up in the 90’s, I couldn’t help falling in love with Disney movies. When my husband introduced me to a video game that had Disney characters, I wasn’t completely sold but it did get me interested enough to at least attempt the game. As I started playing the first Kingdom Hearts (many, many, many, years ago..) I knew I had found a game I would love for a long time to come. With the Keyblade in hand and my trusty Goofy by my side (I still have a sore spot with Donald in the first game. Stupid non-healing duck) I journeyd through the many levels of Disney movies to save my friends.

Several games later, I found my love for the game held true. Through all the games (except the one that released on the phone) I fell in love with many of the characters, cried for some of their fates, jumped with joy at the triumphs, and enjoyed pretty much every minute of the games while I played. Even though the story was extremely detailed, and had a lot to try and keep track of, it was a story I truly enjoyed. It’s easy to pick fun at some of the plot points and characters, but overall, the story is one of my favorites. Especially one I have found in video games.

It has been a long and painful wait to know the fate of some characters and to see how the story that I have been apart of for so long would finally end. As of January 29th, 2019 and a playtime of 33 hours, I am proud to say I completed the long awaited game. After a couple of days I am ready to share my thoughts on my most anticipated game…

Kingdom Hearts 3.


Being this is a new game, I really don’t won’t to spoil the fun for anyone that may wish to play this, so I promise not to reveal any hug spoilers, but I would like to claim a **SPOILER WARNING** just incase something I says does happen to seem like a spoiler or spoil the fun of finding out some of this information for yourself.

To make this a little easier to read, I figured I would post the points I enjoyed and also point out things I didn’t like as much. Let’s get started!


~ The Visuals – Art can be somewhat important to me when it comes to watching something on tv or playing a game. If I don’t enjoy the art style of whatever I am attempting to spend a large amount of time with, I tend to drop it. Even intriguing stories can fall to the wayside if the visuals do not appeal to me. Kingdom Hearts 3 had me in love with it before I even started the game! First, take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the picture above to give you an idea of one of my favorite art covers from the series. (The above picture is from the case) Considering the first Kingdom Hearts game was played on my Playstation One, I am glad to see how far the graphics have come throughout the years. Even though we had the release of 1.5 and 2.5 remix to play on the PS3 and PS4, the graphics improved but still not as pleasing as 3 is. The amount of detail that is given to some of the smallest parts of the scene amazed me. I know the game engine that was used to help make the details really show was one reason for the delay in releasing, so I really shouldn’t be surprised, but I was. Not only did the original characters look better with their new looks, I was impressed at how well done the Disney characters were for this game.

Sora from KH1 Sora from KH3

And here is what I meant about the Disney characters:

~ The Sound Track –
Music is something I really enjoy, and if a game has stunning visuals and a great soundtrack I consider that a pretty good deal. Thankfully, the Kingdom Hearts games have never really let me down with their soundtracks, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is no exception. The two main songs from the game that most fans would probably know is “Face My Fears” and “Don’t Think Twice“, both of which I love. If you are curious about the songs, or just want to listen to them, I added a link to the youtube video for them. The musical talent of Hikaru Utada is something I do enjoy about the games. Her songs are definitely a bonus for playing and I look forward to seeing what new song each new game will bring. In addition to original songs, each Disney based game is accompanied by favorite songs from the movies. This game had a little extra by adding the beloved song “Let it Go” as a cutscene, and I won’t lie, Even though I consider the song way over played I did a little Disney Karaoke at that part. Out of all the instrumental songs that appeared in the game, I have to say the music from the Frozen and Pirates worlds were my favorite.
~ The Gummiphone – Who would have thought we would have a cell phone in Kingdom Hearts? I know it is not an important improvement to the game play, but the small phone was actually a like on my end. As a photographer, I can’t help but enjoy being able to take photos, and I had a blast taking selfies and photos of the Disney Characters during my game play. There were a few times I even pulled the phone out for a quick photo during a battle. (I had to get the lanterns from Tangled!) I also enjoyed getting to play some of the classic games on the phone as well. The Instagram type loading screen was also a fun little improvement I assumed came along because of the fact everyone had phones. It was also fun seeing some of the characters interact when taking a photo.

~ The Lucky Emblems – The addition of having a scavenger hunt of sorts added to the worlds was fun! I really like the way a real life Look-and-Find game most people play going to Disney Parks was incorporated into a game that has elements of Disney in it. A nice touch of combining the worlds, both fictional and real. Although, some were a pain to look for, I was happy to complete the mission of finding all the 90 hidden lucky emblems. (Yes, I had to look up a few…)

One of the many lucky emblems you can find!

~ Cooking Mini Game – Who would have known a stupid egg was so hard to crack! Getting a chance to cook as a small mini game was actually fun to me. It took a bit to get the ingredients, but getting a chance to help Remy was fun!

~ The Story – One of the complaints I hear most about the Kingdom Heart games is that the story is complicated and very confusing. I’m not going to try and say it’s not, because the story is very complicated and confusing…but I enjoy that! I normally don’t enjoy a plot that just seems to throw things around and never truly explain what is going on, but Kingdom Hearts is a little different. The story is something you have to know how to navigate by knowing how to play the games. (A timeline and flow chart tends to help. Don’t forget character charts as well!) Even though there is a lot to keep track of and so many points to keep straight, I honestly never found myself confused. I enjoy the way the game expands on what they already stated, or find a way to expand on certain points. Kingdom Hearts 3 helped clear up some of the plot lines, but a few are still ongoing and we even got the hint of some new stories to come! In one way I wish the game would have wrapped up everything so we can truly know how the story ends, but on the other hand I like that we have more games to look forward to. The fact that all the story is not wrapped up yet also means we will have more stories to help flush the plot out more!

~ Character Development – As a reader, the plot and characters are a huge pull me in decision for a game. I know I mentioned earlier that visuals is a big selling point for me, but the story can be just as important. With this series, I really enjoy the character development the most. Although Sora still needs a little work, we really do see his character grow. Not to mention the growth in all the other characters we get to see and watch. Most of the time, the character is not exactly who they started off as. Because of their adventures and many different things that happen to them through out the story, our beloved characters truly face a growing moment. I love how much the game shows this.

With all the likes I mentioned, unfortunately there are a few things I want to mention that I didn’t like. Or at least didn’t enjoy as much.


~ Opening Song – Now don’t get me wrong, as I mentioned earlier with the music section I love “Face my Fears”. What I don’t like is the fact that we only saw it once. When playing Kingdom Hearts games I tend to enjoy watching the opening cinematic song and video more than once. I’m not the type of gamer that will finish a game in one or two sittings, so it’s nice to watch it a few times. The opening for Birth By Sleep, and now Kingdom Hearts 3, are my top two openings so it’s a shame that I only really got to watch it once while playing the game.
~ The Gummiship game – While playing Kingdom Hearts I know one aspect a lot of people enjoy is getting to improve and play with the Gummiship. Sadly, I am not one of these people. The original games with the ships were fun enough for me. My poor ship never really got improved on, and getting to just shoot while I fly to my location was perfectly fine for me. With Kingdom Hearts 3 the Gummiship area got an improvement…but I kinda wish it hadn’t. The open world feel to the area is not that much fun to me, and I hated having to travel to new locations and be forced to navigate through all the space. I know most people will enjoy the new play style, but I will sit this one out.
~ Final Fantasy Characters – Better yet, lack of. One of the interesting aspects to Kingdom Hearts games is the blend between Final Fantasy and Disney mixed with original characters. All the other games had at least a brief appearance of some Final Fantasy characters. This is not a major dislike point, I just feel like the game was missing a small part of it’s identity and charm by cutting these characters out. I know we get a glimpse of at least one FF character and his world..but it’s not exactly the same since our main characters really didn’t interact with him like they normally would.

Overall, I would probably rate my KH3 experience a solid 8.5/10. I really enjoyed the game and plan to play this one multiple times. The story was still just as interesting as it always is and I really enjoyed all the character moments we got to play through and experience. With everything that happened in this game I really look forward to where the series will go from here, but I hate the idea that we will probably be waiting a long while before the next installment.

I hope you enjoyed my first game opinion! Do you have a game you want me to play? Have you played KH or any of the other games? If you have played them, do you have a favorite game or character(s)?

I was hoping to recommend some other games that one might enjoy if you like Kingdom Hearts, but since I’m not a huge gamer I don’t know too many personally. The best I can do is this:
~Final Fantasy – The only reason I recommended these games is the fact that Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy have a few things in common. Sadly, I want to recommend games I know personally and XV is the only one I have played at this time.
~Tales of Series – When it comes to RPGs and story lines, I have found the Tales Of Series very enjoyable. I have only played a few at this time, mainly thanks to my husband, but if you are looking for a specific title in this series I would recommend these 3:
– Tales of Vesperia
– Tales of Xillia (I and II)
– Tales of Berseria (and Zestiria if you want to continue the story line)
~Legend of Zelda – Although I have only played Breath, I have been told that some of the stories of Zelda games do connect or at least have similar characters, themes, or easter eggs. This is similar to KH in that in some way the story is connected, even if it is just by one or two characters.

Book and movie recommendations:

~ Avengers: Infinity War- the only reason I say this movie is because like KH the main story is a combination of several characters and their story lines. Plus, the whole owned by Disney thing.

~Harry Potter- The main “bad guy” in both HP and KH remind me of each other in a way. They both want to take over a certain world, and they have a way of splitting themselves up into different ways. They also contain aspects of magic.

If you are playing or planning to play KH3 or any other game, I hope you enjoy!


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