Monthly Creative Project

The last two blog posts have been about new adventures and goals for 2019. This is another post that sort of goes with that theme!

I have a few bookish goals I hope to meet this year, but books are not the only area I want to work on during 2019. Thanks to a job that allows me to be creative, and a blog to have a place to share things with others, I have decided to make 2019 a very creative year!

There is something special about creating something from nothing. A small spark of inspiration and a little nudge of imagination can lead to some of the best projects to work on. That is where my monthly creative project comes in. I want to consider this more of a personal challenge or goal to help me tap into my more creative brain.

To help pull out a little more of my creative side, I plan to work on something every month. This will force me to be creative, and also to work at making time to actually accomplish whatever project I decide to work on. Creativity is a word that can cover many different areas: Drawing, Painting, Writing, Building, Cooking, Photographing, etc. Basically, if it can be consider creative or an art, it will fit this category! Having so many options and choices of things to work on will help keep this challenge exciting. Two of the main areas I want to work on is my drawing and photographing.

I do work at a photography studio, but I rarely take time to do projects for myself. Or I hesitate because I’m not sure what I come up with will be good enough. Using this challenge will allow me to let loose a bit and go for a more imagination and fine art angle with my photos.

Drawing is something I have always enjoyed doing, but never had the chance to take a class. I would love to work more on my technique and try to teach myself how to sketch better and also learn how to do more digital art.

Thankfully I am not alone in this challenge! I was lucky enough to have a fellow artist friend I met on Twitter to work with me. Having an additional person to work with will definitely help me keep on track and keep motivated!

I look forward to posting a finished project every month! But until the next post I hope everyone finds something to work on or finds a book to get lost in!



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