The Creatively Bookish 2019 Goals

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Can you believe we are already on the 4th day of 2019? I hope everyone has been having a good week so far!

Nothing like a new year to reflect on what you want to accomplish. To continue the theme of starting new things to go with my blog and year, I have decided I want to share a few goals that I plan to work toward!

These are going to be goals or things I want to accomplish this year, or maybe some things I wish to work on. Although my blog will have posts about events and things going on in my life, these goals are mainly to do with blogging, art, or reading. (No goals regarding exercise, diets, or extremely personal matters)

Well, now that you have read through the intro, lets get to the goals!

The Creatively Bookish 2019 Goals

~ Get Graphics Created For The Blog – I’m currently trying to decide what I want to do for graphics and a banner. I need to either contact someone that might can make me some, or find a way to do my own. Look forward to seeing some new graphics hopefully soon!

~ Complete My Goodreads Reading Challenge – This challenge is one I’m sure is on most readers’ list. I have seen many people post their challenges on Twitter and Instagram. If you are doing this challenge, GOOD LUCK! Compared to most I have seen, my small goal of 20 books is quite tiny. Reading is something I do A LOT, but I never feel like I enjoy the books if I read too fast and too many at once. The first year I started blogging I set my goal for 50 books. I was confident I could do it, and I did. I read 52 books that year…but I didn’t really feel like I accomplished a huge goal. I stressed at having to always make time to read. I stayed away from books too large on the idea I could read shorter books quicker, which made me miss out on a good number of books. I decided after that, I would set a goal I feel would still be a slight challenge to reach, but more enjoyable for myself. If I can pass 20, I’ll be both surprised and happy!

~ At Least Do 1 Book Review A Month – I have missed writing reviews, and I know right now I don’t have any reviews planned, but I plan to change that soon! I may not do a review for every book I read, but I do want to make sure I have at least 1 book review on this blog every month.

~ Review More Than Just Books – Books are the main reviews for my blog, but I would like to expand and maybe do reviews on games I play, movies I watch, or shows I attempt to watch.

~ Get Back Into The Bookish Twitter Community – When I started blogging a few years ago the people I met through Twitter and blogging is what made everything worth it. I still have really good friends I talk to from the beginning, but I have fallen away from Twitter and Instagram. I have slowly made my way back on in the last month or so, but I plan to be a lot more active. I want to connect with fellow book lovers and find new friends!

~ Read More Books I Own – Hoarding books like a book dragon is something I have been doing for years. I keep buying books and adding to my stash, along with going to the library. My beauties are sadly being neglected, and I really want to work on going through more of them this year. I already know there are some books coming out in 2019 that I want to buy or get from the library, but I plan to keep that to a small amount.

~ Get More Out Of My Reading Comfort Zone – Fantasy is my go to genre for reading. This year I plan to try and branch out and read more genres. Mainly more contemporaries and Historical fiction.

~ Work On My Own Writing – I have been trying to work on writing for years, but I really want to get more done this year. One thing I would like to find is a writing group on Twitter. I have looked for a writing group in my town, but the only one I found really wasn’t for me. I would love to find a place to chat with other writers. Hopefully by the end of the year I will at least have an idea organized enough to get a draft done sometime in 2020.

~ Do More Discussion Posts – In blogging past I mainly stuck with reviews and weekly features such as Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday. This time around I want to work on actually doing discussions. I’m still coming up with ideas on posts to try and type out for this, but I’m sure I will figure something out!

~ Get Back To Posting On Instagram – Considering I am a photographer, you would think posting IG pictures would be a breeze…but I actually struggle with it. This year I want to make sure I post more! Most IG will still be Bookstagram related, but I want to do more photography projects and art on my account, like I plan to do here.

~ Have At Least One New Drawing A Month – Drawing has always been a passionate hobby for me, but I do very little of it. Learning more about art is a mission, and one way to do that is to practice. I’m starting a personal challenge that will require me to do at least one drawing a month. I have a Twitter friend doing this with me, but I will make a post about that soon with more info!

~ Work On More Personal Photography Projects – Working as a photographer I spend a lot of time with a camera. This year I want to try and do a few more personal projects. I plan to document my projects on this blog and IG, so hopefully that will keep me motivated to complete this goal! I can’t promise a new one every month, but I might attempt that!

Woah, I think that about covers most of the goals I have set for myself. I’m sure I have forgotten to type one or two, but I know that was enough to read through! Now, enough about myself and lets get to know you!

~ Have you set any goals for 2019?
~ Are you working on any challenges?
~ Any discussions you wish to see on this blog?
~ Would you like to be part of a discussion post with me?
~ What books are you looking forward to coming out?
~ Do you have any recommendations to help with my graphics problem?
~ Do you have a goals post? Leave a link and I’ll check it out!

Hope you enjoyed reading, and see you soon!

13 thoughts on “The Creatively Bookish 2019 Goals”

  1. I think your goals are awesome, and very similar to mine. I set my reading goal at 50 this year, but mostly because I have hit that mark so many times (and comfortably) that I feel like it’s not a huge deal. And if I don’t make it, oh well. It won’t be the end of the world. I’m also trying the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge. I did it last year (and only finished about half the prompts). It really helped me branch out into other types of books I never really thought about ready, which was nice.
    I love discussion posts and also want to do more of them (and you know I am always down to work on one with you! )
    Is it bad that I’m not totally sure what I’m excited about coming out this year? I’ve been so out of the loop that I just kind of feel like I’m barely skimming the surface of the book world these days. That’s definitely going to have to change because I miss it so.
    I do have a few goals of my own: https://midwesternbooknerd.wordpress.com/2019/01/02/looking-ahead-at-2019/


  2. I loved your post! I too have a reading goal of 20 books this year. Seemed like a good number. For your own writing have you thought about partaking in nanowrimo? I’ve never done it, and it might be too stressful but it always looked like a fun way to start writing.
    I’m working on a vision board with my goals on it so I’ll post that soon. Im not sure what books I’m excited for. Im always on the lookout for cute romances. And I might me interested in the discussion posts. Im just not sure what that would entail.
    Anyway love your blog and I’ll stay tuned for more!


    1. Yay for 20 books goal! NaNoWrimo is something I have wanted to participate in for a few years now, but I am usually too busy to actually write everyday for a month. I’m thinking of trying to get an idea planned out enough to attempt it this year, but we will see! A vision board sounds like a great idea and I can’t wait to see it when you post it!


  3. I definitely have to read my pile of books I say I’ll read eventually lol. I like buying books and just putting them aside. I’d love to see some of your drawings! So cool!


  4. Hi Lauren! I guess my first goal is to read the blog posts in my inbox sooner (once the bar exam is done), lol. I set a pretty small GR Challenge, too (25, I think?). Like you said, quality and enjoyment over quantity and stress. I’m generally a fan of reading discussion posts, so yay! I haven’t kept good track of 2019 releases, but I know there’s a new book in The Others series by Anne Bishop that I’m cautiously excited for (the last spinoff after the original five wasn’t great, but I like the world). I haven’t played around with blog graphics in a while, but I used to make most of mine in Canva. Good luck!


    1. 25 books is a great goal! Especially when you have something else going on, like the bar exam. Hopefully you won’t have to stress much longer with the exam! I know you are looking forward to being done as well. I haven’t read The Others yet, but I might have to look into it. And thanks for letting me know about Canva!


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